The Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetserskiy and the executive officer of Social Association “Initiative Pskov” in Rheinland Martha Vahrenkamp discussed preparations to Hanseatic Days 2019

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In particular, the main issue of the discussion was a bike ride, which was supposed to be held in June-July 2018, and to symbolize the transfer of the Hanseatic Days relay from Rostock to Pskov.

Among the participants of the meeting were: Deputy Head of Pskov Elena Polonskaya and Sergey Gavrilov, Sports Committee Chairperson Alexander Gavrilov, Head of Culural Department Yuri Martynov, Head of cross-border cooperation department Kristina Kobyz and Head of International relations and Hanseatic department Tatiana Pustoshkina.

The Head of Pskov paid attention to the importance and significance of cooperation with the "Initiative Pskov ", and thanked Martha Fahrenkamp for the comprehensive and long-term support of socially significant projects in Pskov. Ivan Tsetserskiy told about preparations for the upcoming International Hanseatic Forum and discussed the international bike ride planned in June 2018. "This bike ride will symbolize the relay of the celebration of the Hanseatic Days from the German city of Rostock to Pskov and the route is partially the same as medieval Hanseatic merchants used” - said the Head of the City.

It is already known that the bike ride starts at the closing ceremony of the Hanseatic Days in Rostock. Then through Tallinn on a specially developed route the participants will proceed to Pskov. Now stops on the route are being discussed as well as s special vehicles escorting the bikes. According to the information given by Martha Fahrenkamp the chairman of the association "Initiative Pskov" in Rheinland, Honorary Citizen of Pskov Klaus Eberl is supposed to take part in the bike ride.

In conclusion, all the participants noted that the visit of Martha Fahrenkamp would foster the cooperation with the German partners and the further development of the International Hanseatic Movement.