The Head of Pskov, Ivan Tsetsersky, presented the Pskov Hanseatic Days at the Russia and Hansa media forum in Veliky Novgorod

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Today, January 11, the Head of Pskov took part in the Russia and Hansa Media
Forum in Veliky Novgorod, which is held by the Novgorod regional branch of the
Russian Union of Journalists with the use of a grant from the President of the
Russian Federation on the development of public diplomacy and support for
The head of Pskov told how the 39th International Hanseatic Days will be held,
about the results of the implementation of measures for the improvement of Pskov,
what will be done this year, and also presented the draft program of the Hanseatic
Days. He told reporters that funds had been allocated and mastered for the
preparation of the holiday under the control of the Government of the Russian
Federation, including the reconstruction of streets, sidewalks, courtyards, and
facades. “For the past few years, Pskov has lived in the Hansa,” he said.
Ivan Tsetsersky also told about the organization of the movement of vehicles on
these days, touched upon the topic of intercepting parking lots. He also noted that
volunteers who will be involved in holding the festival are being trained, including
assisting the traffic police in customs matters. He stressed that special attention is
currently being paid to the organization of accommodation and meals for guests.
Registration is open for the official guests: about 30 foreign delegations have
already announced their participation. According to the Head of Pskov, thousands
of guests from all over the world are expected to visit Pskov, so the municipality
thinks about their accommodation and meals.
In conclusion, the Mayor Ivan Tsetsersky congratulated journalists on the
upcoming Russian Press Day and invited them to Pskov for the 39th International
Hanseatic Days and answered journalists' questions.