The establishing of a Hanseatic boat

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Оn April 25, a solemn establishing of the Hanseatic boat took place in Pskov. The
boat is supposed to be produced by the members of the historical reconstruction
club Chertog Rasa and volunteers for the International Hanseatic Days of the New
Time of 2019
The solemn ceremony was attended by Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky, the creator
of the Pskov fleet museum Pavel Drozdov, the deputy chairman of the Committee
for Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs of the City Administration Vladimir
Zhuravlev, as well as volunteers and public figures
The Head of the city of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky thanked the initiators of the project
for the qualitative preparation of the application for a grant from the organizers of
the All-Russian competition of youth projects among individuals and for the
embodiment of the idea of creating a Hanseatic boat.
He stressed that this work must necessarily enter the "Book of Good Deeds of the Pskov Hansa - 2019".
Finally, the Head of the municipality stressed that the idea of the project
"Hanseatic wharf" is perfectly combined with the logo of the Hansa-2019: "Just on
our logo is the same Pskov medieval boat approved by the federal organizing
12-meter boat is supposed to be launched on water in June 2018 For the
construction of the ship, mainly spruce and pine are used, but for its certain parts -
wood of ash is more suitable.