Municipal Organizing Committee meeting took place in Pskov

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The 14th Municipal Organizing Committee meeting chaired by Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky
took place on the 21st of November in Pskov. The meeting was held in the Small Hall of the
Municipal Cultural Center.
Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky reported on the process of preparation for the Hanseatic Days. He
mentioned that the International Hanseatic Commission, comprising 43 participants from 8
countries, worked in Pskov on the 27th of October 2018 and unanimously approved the concept
of celebration of the International Hanseatic Days. The Head of Pskov informed that registration
of participants would start on the official site of the Hanseatic Days within
the next few days.
Hotel rooms have already booked for official guests. Dormitories of general education
establishments and sports halls will be used to accommodate guests, too. The official
delegations` accommodation applications will be accepted till the end of January 2019, after this
date hotel rooms will be accessible for booking by tourists.
Ivan Tsetsersky told that volunteers would meet the official delegations at the border crossing
points and there would be special parking spaces on the territory of Pskov. It is planned to locate
transport for festival guests on Komsomol Square near the Radio Manufacturing Plant, K. Marx
Street, Vorovsky Street, Sverdlov Street, on the parking spaces of hotels and shopping centers.
Touristic traffic flows will be directed to temporary intercepting parking areas near the
Monument to Alexander Nevsky and the Russian warriors, the Engineer-Linguistic Gymnasium,
near the bus-stop Military Town (Voenny Gorodok), also near the Entertainment center
"Razdolje" in Kresty District.
Nearly 600 volunteers will be involved in the International Hanseatic Days events.
Head of Pskov reported that at that moment two educational establishments of Pskov - Pskov
State University and Pskov Branch of Russian International Academy for Tourism - offered
personnel training courses in hotel and restaurant business for foreign guests service. In addition,
Ivan Tsetsersky offered to make provision for the Hanseatic quality mark for hotels and
Head of Pskov pointed out that one of the most memorable elements of the Hanseatic space
would be the Hanseatic sign that would denote the symbol of Hansa-2019 - the Hanseatic boat.
Member of the Pskov Regional Assembly of Deputies Alexey Sevastianov paid attention to the
fact that days of the celebration coincided with graduation ceremonies in educational
establishments. Thus he advised the Department of Education of the Pskov Administration to
postpone school graduation ceremonies to another period. This question was taken to task.
Deputy manager of the Urban Governance of the Pskov City Administration Anton Laugminas
reported on provision of urban amenities in preparation for the Hanseatic Days. According to his
report, the sum of 411 mln RUB is provided for street and road network repair; 14,6 mln RUB is
allocated for yards and footpaths renovation. By the moment, the volume of work performed is
68%. The 25th of December is a deadline according to the contracts. He also noted that
housing and utilities management companies were recommended to decorate yards with flowers.
Deputy manager of the Department of Construction and Major Repairs of Pskov Pavel Andreev
reported that Sverdlov Street repair was coming to an end. This object finishes repair works in
Okolny Gorod. Besides that, Pavel Andreev told that repair of facades of 10 buildings owned by
the Municipality is planned for 2019 The facades of 12 houses in the center will be repaired by
the Major Repair Fund on the recommendation of the City Administration. 60 mln RUR was
allocated for this purpose.
Lastly, Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky presented a preliminary scheme of the Hanseatic
celebratory space and an events poster of the Hanseatic Days. According to him, the Opening
and Closing Ceremonies will take place in the Pskov Kremlin. Live broadcast will be provided
by the All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company "Pskov" (VGTRK GTRK
"Pskov"). The Hanseatic Market will be located on Oktyabrskaya Square and Sovetskaya Street.
The embankments of the Velikaya and Pskova rivers will be places for the Craftsmen market and
the Medieval market. Kalinin Street will be locked up as the Industrial exhibition of enterprises
there will be located here. The Economic Forum will take place in the entertainment center
"Prostoria". There will be 6 concert areas in the center. Also there will be some celebratory areas
near the Rizhskaya Hotel, the Officer House and areas near shopping centers.
Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky informed that working groups on each activity would be
established. These groups will have much work during 2 months. After this period the
Organizing Committee will meet again to bring intermediate results and to plan new stages of