The Head of the city Ivan Tsetserskiy takes part in Autumn Commission Meeting of the Hanseatic League in Rostock (Germany)

Today on the 21st of October the Pskov delegation under the leadership of the Head of the city Ivan Tsetserskiy took part in Autumn Commission Meeting of the Hanseatic League in Rostock (Germany) . The delegation consisted of Tatiana Pustoshkina - Head of the International Relations and Hanseatic movement Department of Pskov City Duma and Kristina Kobyz - Head of Cross-border Cooperation Department, Pskov City Administration.

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Bernd Saxe - The President of the International Hanseatic League, Mayor of Lübek chaired the Commission which included members of International Hanseatic Presidium, representatives of Hanseatic cities. At the beginning of the Commission the participants shared the impressions of the results of the XXXVII International Hanseatic Days in Kampen (Netherlands)-2017. Than they discussed the preparation for the coming Hansaetic days in Rostok in 2018.

The Head of the city of the upcoming XXXIX International Hanseatic Days-2019 warmly welcomed and invited the members of the Commission to take part in Hanseatic days celebrations in Pskov. The preparations for the Hanseatic Days 2019 are according to a plan. The Federal Organizational Committee of the XXXIX International Hanseatic Days was hold by Olga Golodets - Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation. It was decided to improve Pskov tourist infrastructure and organize the main locations for the celebrations of the XXXIX International Hanseatic Days in Pskov. Nowadays the Hanseatic location is specified, the list of the main public places where the celebrations would be hold is made, the disposition of Hanseatic and handicraft markets is confirmed.

The Head of Pskov underlined that acting Governor of Pskov Region Mikhail Vedernikov supported the upcoming International Hanseatic Days 2019, and assured that he would provide any necessary help and assistance.

Ivan Tsetserskiy said that the City Council cooperated with Pskov hotels. The hotels will fix guest room stock for the official delegation members. The members will be able to book a room with the help of the Hanseatic Pskov site. There has been also the agreement with the Pskov State University achieved to use residence halls to accommodate representatives of cultural authorities, members of “Youth Hansa”, craftsmen. There are 18 hotels, 16 hostels, a range of apartments, 2 camping areas in Pskov, besides there are several hotels being constructed at the moment.

The Head of the City also pointed out that Hanseatic Pskov website will start to work in November and all people will get an access to more information about the XXXIX International Hanseatic Days. You should choose the website section “participants” and there you can see all main information and all necessary contacts.

One of the main questions of the Organizational Committee was visa processing for members of the International Hanseatic League. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation gave its pre-approval in visa support of the official delegations. In addition to it, custom procedure is also being

regulated. There were working meetings with the guidance of the Federal Custom Service and Pskov Customs in terms of The Federal Organizational Committee work.

The request to the Russian Government concerning the border crossing procedure during XXXIX International Hanseatic Days in Pskov is prepared. Ivan Tsetserskiy stressed the point that the host country needs the list of goods which are supposed to be brought to the event or traditionally brought to Hanseatic Days every year as well as their approximate amount.

Ivan Tsetserskiy also told about cultural program. Lots of events have been hold in Pskov and have become very popular among its citizens and visitors. Among them are International Craft Fair and International painting plein-air, International multimedia art photographers festival “The color of the white wall” and International folk festivals, International club festivals of historic reenactment, International Hanseatic economic summit and Mass Media –Contest “HANSA – Link of Times”. Kampen with media company “Julius Media” with its promo trailer about Hanseatic days has become the winner in the category “The best televisual information”. Ivan Tsetserskiy granted the Mayor of Kampen the prize and showed his appreciation to the well- organized Hanseatic days in 2017.

It should be pointed out that Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetserskiy met The President of the International Hanseatic League Bernd Saxe as well as two members of the International Hanseatic League Inger Harlevi (Visby, Sweden) and Olga Popova (Velikiy Novgorod, Russia) during their visit. They have come to Pskov to get awared of the preparation to the XXXIX International Hanseatic Days in Pskov. All of them highly appreciated these celebration preparations.

It is also should be mentioned that about 40 International Hansa inspectors will come to Pskov in order to estimate Pskov readiness to the XXXIX International Hanseatic Days celebrations.

Kristina Kobyz - Head Of Cross-border Cooperation Department, Pskov City Administration and the member of Pskov delegation took part in workshop “Art of Hansa” and presented the Hansa program 2019 in Pskov. She also invited foreign art photographers to participate in the International Festival “The color of the white wall” which has become very popular and has its followers.