Ivan Tsetsersky signed a Cooperation Agreement with the educational institutions of Pskov in terms of preparation to the Hanseatic Days

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Today, on the 5th of September Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky and the
representatives of the educational institutions of Pskov signed a Cooperation Agreement
in preparation for the 39th International Hanseatic Days in 2019.
According to the Agreement, the educational institutions will provide training and
participation of volunteers from the number of students studying.
Head of the city noted that Pskov expects the arrival of about 3,000 official guests:
participants of protocol events, culture groups, craftsmen, participants of Business forum,
representatives of the Youth Hansa, and reenactors. In addition, a large number of tourists
are expected as well.
Such a large number of guests requires clear coordination and interaction between
the organizers and guests, and can be implemented only with the involvement of
volunteers who will directly assume the role of hospitable hosts of the city, create an
impression of Pskov, have all the information concerning logistics, events, venues.
"Without the help of volunteers, we can do nothing. The Hanseatic days are our common
holiday, and we must hold it at a high level, " - the Head of the city concluded.
The first agreement was signed between the municipality and the Pskov State
University, the second - with the Pskov branch of the Russian International Academy of
Tourism, and the third - a tripartite agreement - between the municipality, the Pskov
Medical College and the Council of the Pskov regional branch of the All-Russian Public
Organization "Russian Union of Rescuers".
The students will accompany members of official delegations and cultural groups,
provide interpretation services, help at customs checkpoints, and provide stage work. In
addition, volunteers will be required to work in information centers and "info-patrols".
"Pskov Medical College" in conjunction with the "Russian Union of Rescuers" will
provide training and participation of volunteers in medical care tents.
In accordance with the Agreement signed, about 630 volunteers will be involved
in the Hanseatic Days 2019 in Pskov.