It was proposed to plant out the Alleya Druzhby (Path of Friendship) in terms of upcoming Youth Hansa 2019 in Pskov

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Today on the 8th of December Ivan Tsetserskiy hold a working session dedicated to arranging of The Youth Hansa in 2019 in Pskov.

Pskov Youth Center presented a new program and expenses line for the Youth Hansa 2019 delegations . It was proposed to plant out the Alleya  Druzhby (Path of Friendship) . The Head of the City encouraged this idea and noticed that it could  take the rightful place in XXXIX Hanseatic days Celebration.  Various places for Alleya  Druzhby were suggested: - Stepanovsky Luzhok situated on Zavelichie district is one of them. It is planned to arrange Narodny Park (Folk Park) there.

The participants of this meeting discussed further cooperation with city structures and authorities in terms of upcoming XXXIX International Hanseatic Days 2019 in Pskov.