Inventory check of public catering enterprises is planned in terms of preparaton to Internatonal Hanseatc ays

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eputy Head of Pskov Yelena Polonskaya held a work meetng on preparatons to 39 th Internatonal
Hanseatc ays 2019 in Pskov.
uring the meetng, the main issues for discussion were the following: organizing trade and hot meals
points for the residents and guests of Pskov, the requirements for registraton of trade places and
holding a gastronomic forum.
Moreover, all cafes and restaurants of Pskov are supposed to have the menu in English and German.
Training of employees of trade outlets in the basics of foreign languages will be organized in the Pskov
branch of the Russian Internatonal Academy of Tourism will provide special foreign language
educatonal courses for trade employees.
Taking into account the experience of holding similar events in other cites, another suggeston was to
choose the ofcial taxi service for the event.
Also, according to Yelena Polonskaya, each of the deputes of the Pskov City uma needs to inspecton
trips to verify that the owners of retail outlets comply with the norms of improvement and sanitary
maintenance in order to identfy those entrepreneurs who, contrary to the established rules, do not
want to comply with them.