International Hanseatic Commission summed up the results of the visit to Pskov

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Today, October 27, a meeting of the Hanseatic Commission was held in Prikaznye
Chambers of the Kremlin where reports regarding different directions of hansa
were presented. The meeting was preceded by an inspection tour of the objects of
the Hanseatic Days of 2019
Guests were greeted by the Head of Pskov, Ivan Tsetsersky. He noted that
throughout the history of Pskov was an important Russian center of trade crafts
and was closely associated with the Hanseatic League. Today Pskov is an active
member of New Hansa, and therefore much work is being done to promote Pskov
as a Hanseatic city.
The Head of the city recalled that in 2013 Pskov received the right to host the 39th
International Hanseatic Days, and in December 2014, President of the Russian
Federation Vladimir Putin signed a Decree upon giving the federal status to the
Ivan Tsetserskiy has stressed that the preparations for the holiday in Pskov are in
full swing, everything is being done so that the guests of the ancient capital of the
Pskov Land feel all the hospitality and warmth with which the Pskovians always
meet their friends. In addition, Ivan Tsetsersky thanked the members of the
commission for today's work and added that without the interaction of all levels of
government it would be difficult to prepare an event of this magnitude.
Vera Emelyanova, First Deputy Governor of the Pskov Region, said that the
holding of Hansa in Pskov is an important event.
The President of the International Hanseatic League of New Time, the Mayor of
the city of Lübeck (Germany) Jan Lindenau thanked for the hospitality, said that
the commission saw Pskov as it was, and positively assessed the spaces that would
be involved in the event program. Jan Lindenau expressed satisfaction that the
Hanseatic Days would be held in Pskov.
Oberburgomaster of Rostock (Germany) Roland Metling shared his memories of
the Hanseatic Days in Rostock and stressed how difficult it was to hold events of
this level. At the same time, he expressed confidence that Pskov would cope with
this task.
The head of Pskov, Ivan Tsetsersky, presented to the members of the Commission
a report on the preparation of Pskov for the 39th International Hanseatic Days and
showed a presentation video. He stressed that a draft program was prepared that
combines not only traditional events of the Hanseatic Days: such as opening and
closing, a presentation market, a handicraft market, but also major international
singing festivals, jazz artists, operas, art exhibitions, sports competitions, scientific
The opening ceremony is planned near the main attraction of the city - the Pskov
Kremlin. The Head of the City also noted that the main locations of the holiday
were determined, the planning of logistics, parking lots and the opportunities for
connecting to electricity and water are in progress.
Ivan Tsetsersky invited artists from the Hanseatic cities to take part
HANSEartWORKS in Pskov. And, of course, he invited everyone to take part in
the celebration of the 39th International Hanseatic Days in Pskov on June 27-30,
2019 In turn, the Mayor of Brilon (Germany) Christoph Bartsch showed a
presentation regarding the preparing for the 40th Hanseatic Days in year 2020.