Head of Pskov and hotel entrepreneurs discussed the issues of accommodation for Hanseatic Day 2019 guests

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The main issue of the discussion was making the hotels and surroundings comfortable for the countless guests of the festival. By now, Pskov hotel room stock counts 4 000 rooms, it is also planned to   include dormitories, private room rental and hotels of the nearby towns in the list of accommodation available for the guests of International Hanseatic Day 2019 in Pskov.

Head of International Relations and Hanseatic Department Tatiana Pustoshkina informed that booking a hotel room for the official delegation would be by use of a code word given together with the password for registration on the website www.pskovhansa.ru. Deadline for the registration is March, 2018.

It was announced that the registration procedure upon arrival at a hotel would be simplified. This issue is supposed to be discussed with the Immigration Service.

It was also planned to sign a cooperation agreement between the Municipality of Pskov and hotel entrepreneurs for fruitful cooperation in terms of upcoming 39th Hanseatic Day in Pskov.