Events and locations of International Hanseatic days 2019 were discussed at the working meeting chaired by the interim Governor of Pskov region Mikhail Vedernikov

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The Hansa market with stands from different Hanseatic cities will be located in the central and historical part of the city, nearby the pedestrian zone, that will be comfortable for the guests of the festival.

International crafts fair “City of Craftsmen” will be also one of the main events of the festival. It is supposed to include row of shopping stalls for about 3000 craftsmen.

Among other locations the area for Youth Hansa program and City of Reenactment Project were mentioned during the discussion.

Concerning the events of the festival the range of activities including welcome reception of Head of Pskov and regional authorities, Lübeck reception, Business forum, the delegates meeting, Hansa relay transfer to Brilon, etc. The preliminary cultural program includes also the parade, wind orchestra performances, reenactment festival, Hansa party and other opportunities for guests to enjoy the fest.

Following the results of the discussion, the members of the working group were assigned to concretize and visualize the submitted "road map" of the Hansa-2019. The final decision on the choice of locations is supposed to follow soon. In conclusion, it was emphasized once again that the International Hanseatic Days should be held at a high organizational and professional level.