Book of Good Deeds of Pskov Hansa-2019

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"Book of Good Deeds of Pskov Hansa-2019" will be created by the Hanseatic Days in Pskov . Such a decision was made by the members of the organizing committee for the preparation for the 39th International Hanseatic Days in Pskov in 2019 during the meeting on the 20th of March. March 20.

“ Following the good tradition of the 1100th anniversary of Pskov celebration , when the "Golden Chronicle of Glorious Deeds" was published, I propose to consider the possibility of creating the "Book of Good Deeds of the Pskov Hansa-2019" by Pskov City Duma", said the Head of Pskov, the chairman of the municipal organizing committee Ivan Tsetsersky.

The "Book" is supposed to include "good deeds" concerning the reconstruction and restoration of monuments of the city's historical and cultural heritage, the development of tourism potential, information support for the Hanseatic events, working with young people and popularizing the Hanseatic brand. In addition, personal contributions to the development of the will be noted.

The issue of creating the Book will be considered at the session of Pskov City Duma.