A meeting of the Federal Organizing Committee for preparation and holding of the 39th International Hanseatic Days in Pskov in 2019 was held in Moscow on the 23rd of October 2018

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The meeting was chaired by Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian
Federation Olga Golodets. Vice-Chairman of the Federation Council Andrey Turchak
participated in the meeting, too.
The delegation from the Pskov region was led by Governor of the Pskov region Mikhail
Vedernikov. The delegation also included Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky, First Deputy
Governor of the Pskov region Vera Emelyanova, the Vice-Governor of the region Alexander
Kuznetsov, Head of Municipal budgetary cultural institution "Hanseatic Directorate for
Celebrations" Tatiana Pustoshkina.
The participants of the meeting discussed 3 main questions that are the implementation of the
programme of the 39th International Hanseatic Days of the New Age (approved by the
Government Decree № 294-р from the 26th February 2016), organization and holding of the
celebrations, application of the special customs procedure concerning goods imported for
preparation and holding of the Hanseatic Days, visa support for participants.
Ivan Tsetsersky reported on festive events preparation. He told that the cultural events poster and
the scheme of the celebratory space had been developed. According to the Head of the
Municipality, one of the most memorable elements of the Hanseatic space will be the Hanseatic
sign in the form of a boat that is the symbol of the Pskov Hansa.