5000 parking places may be arranged for guests at the entrance to Pskov

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5000 parking places may be arranged for guests at the entrance to Pskov from the Saint-Petersburg and
Gdov highways directions. Such a conclusion was made during an inspection visit on the 22nd November
2018 The purpose of the visit was an examination of potential parking areas for Hansa-2019.
Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky, Head of the Department of State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the
Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Pskov Vladimir Paport, Head of the Transport Department of the
Urban Governance of Pskov Evgeny Zinkevich, Head of Hanseatic Directorate for Celebrations Tatiana
Pustoshkina participated in the inspection.
Participants examined the site behind the bus-stop "Military Town" (Voenny Gorodok) in Kresty district
near Kislyakov Street and came to a conclusion that it is possible to locate a parking space for 1000 cars
there. However, it is necessary to evaluate the costs of soil improvement, grading and gravelling before
taking a final decision. Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky encharged Evgeny Zinkevich with a task to
calculate the cost of preparation of this site. Vladimir Paport noted that it would be convenient for guests
to leave their cars on this parking area and to reach the city center by so-called "intercepting" buses.
The next stop was the Sports and Cultural Center "Razdolje". According to the estimates of Director of
the Center Alexey Sevastianov, about 50 buses and 500 cars may be located on this site. If it is necessary,
additional parking areas may be arranged.
The participants of the visit examined several sites near the Monument to Alexander Nevsky on
Sokolikha Hill. According to Vladimir Paport, the most convenient parking area will be located on a half-
kilometer land plot of the bypass road "North Bypass" (Severny Obhod) (the road is in the construction
phase now) and on the surrounding area of this district.
Head of Pskov Ivan Tsetsersky emphasized that preparations for navigation issues are undertaken in
advance to avoid traffic havoc during the Hanseatic Days. Road users will be informed by means of
stands, banners and information points. Traffic regulation will be provided by officers of the State Road
Traffic Safety Inspectorate and volunteers.
The Head of Pskov encharged the Pskov City Administration with a task to provide parking areas with
bio toilets and garbage removal.
In the near future, inspection visits to another parts of Pskov will take place for assessment of the
possibility to arrange parking areas.