27 graduates of the International Hansa Volunteer School successfully passed the final test

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Today, October 30, students of the International Hansa Volunteer School passed
the final test at the Pskov City Youth Center.
The Honorary Member of the International Hanseatic League, Mr. Manfred
Shyurkamp awarded 27 people the certificates of the Hanseatic volunteers. He
visited the Youth Center to greet newly-minted Hansa volunteers and wish them
success in their work.
Tatiana Pustoshkina, Director of the Hanseatic Directorate for Celebrations, also
took part in the certificate award ceremony.
Mr. Manfred Schürkamp noted that volunteers are the most important component
of such major festival as the Hanseatic Days. The impression from the city and the
holiday of each guest of the Hanza-2019 will directly depend on their work.
Whether the guests will be able to find the sights of Pskov or to orient themselves
in the program of the holiday, will they receive any help in unusual situations - all
this and much more will leave a mark in the soul of the Hanseatic people who will
visit Pskov in 2019 The honorary member of the Hanseatic League is sure that
today's graduates of the volunteer school will succeed.
It should be noted that Pskov City Youth Center will conduct volunteer training for
the International Hanseatic Days in two streams. The second set of training starts
in November, and classes will be held in December 2018 As part of the program,
students learn about the history of Pskov, the history of the Hanseatic League,
information about the Hanseatic League of the new time and the Hansa program of
2019, as well as the basic dialogue in English.