23 citizens of Pskov received certificates Hanseatic volunteers certificates in the Youth Center

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The Pskov City Youth Center held the final session of the School of the Hanseatic
Volunteer. A lecture on the history of the city was read by the methodologist
Andrei Taskaev.
Students of the School students had to pass the final test. Among the 28 people
who took part in the testing, 23 Pskovians passed the test. Following the test, the
guys received certificates from the Hanseatic volunteers and filled out
questionnaires for the Hanseatic Directorate.
Youth Center has prepared two streams of volunteers to help in the main
celebrations of June 2019 - XXXIX International Hanseatic Days.
The School program includes 4 weekly classes and final testing. In particular,
students will learn about the history of the Hanseatic League, Pskov and Hansa,
learn basic dialogues in English and German for communication with foreign